A Look Back at the Fabulous Music of 2016

Thousands of visitors descend into the Rosewood Neighborhood to enjoy multiple stages of live music. With a variety of genres, you're sure to find a sound you love!


10:00 am  Blue Iguanas
12:00 pm  Daddy Lion
2:00 pm  Reggie Sullivan
4:00 pm  Stillhouse
6:00 pm  The Dirty Gone Dolas
8:00 pm  Art Contest


11:00 am  The Dubber
1:00 pm  Sheem One
3:00 pm  She Returns From War
5:00 pm  Those Lavender Whales
7:00 pm  Infinitikiss
9:00 pm  Wallstreet & the Blues Brokers featuring Marv Ward


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