Yep, Even We Have to Have Rules

Your perspective as a creative is valuable to society.
Your creations are important to everyone who is affected by your art.
Your collectors are deserving of your devotion to help them find and purchase art from you at your next event.


Professional, Amateur & Emerging artists participate as a; ExhibitorĀ (10x10 booth space), competitor in the Juried ShowĀ and/or contestant/designer in the Goddess Contest.

Participants were selected on the basis of design, quality & expertise of specified art form and booth presentation as listed in category selection. Participation is not based on past participation.

Space is limited, not all submissions will be selected.

Accepted Participants Receive:
Space to show/sell/promote original art
Name listed on website
Online sample of work (individual booths only)
Participant packet with complete instructions, includes arrival time & placement map


RAMF awards up to $2000 in prizes to participating artists. Pop-Up Gallery is a 10x20 canopy tent. Showing curated two & three-dimensional works, selected to be exhibited on the day of the festival. The Gallery will be open to the public from noon-5pm the day of the festival.

Visual Artists applied by completing the online application & email 1 high resolution image of intended work of art for exhibition. Maximum size two-dimensional art, 24x28. Three-dimensional works provide a pedestal. Works selected for exhibition will receive drop-off & pick-up notification. Judging is on the day of the festival. Awards are announced by 4:00pm on the day of the festival. Winners must be present to win.


Acceptable images formats jpeg, pdf, png. Must be current artwork completed within the past two years. Avoid messy backgrounds. Take images outside, in the afternoon with black or white backgrounds. Images must be cropped. No angled or glass glare. Digital image quality is essential and can make a difference in your acceptance.

Submit the image that best describes your art. Juried Show submission: One image of art for two-dimensional works, 2 (front & back) for three-dimensional (sculpture, pottery jewelry, etc). Exhibitor submission: 2 images; 1 of previous booth, 1 of art to apply as an Exhibitor.

Exhibitors provide their own art, displays, tables, chairs, stands, 10 X 10, white (preferred)Ā canopied, straight leg tent. Volunteers may be available to assist popping up tents, not forĀ setting up displays or art. Tents will be on the grass. Appropriate weights are required for all 4Ā tent legs Canopy Sand Weight Bags or plates only. NO milk/water jugs or concrete blocks. NOĀ SLANT LEG TENTS. Participants with slant leg tents will be asked to leave.


Email [email protected]Ā subj; Goddess Contest, to participate in the Rosewood Goddess Contest. This is a non-gender specific contest. Design your Goddess Costume out of recycled or high fashion materials. View our past GoddessĀ for ideas. Check in at the Juried tent by 2pm on the day of the festival.

Awards ceremony at 4pm, must be present to win.


The Festival is open 11 am - 6:00 pm. Exhibitors MUST be in attendance during the day.Ā Vehicles are not allowed in the drop-off lane until 6:15 pm or while the public is still inĀ attendance.

  • Art must be original & produced by the exhibiting artist.
  • All participants be present during entire festival.
  • Any artwork, including photographs, that is produced by any mechanical means, i.e. giclĆ©eā€™s, ink-jet or any other reproduction technique must be labeled or have a sign specifying the image is a ā€œREPRODUCTION".
  • If category and image do not match, accepted artists will be placed based on submitted image.
  • All work shown must be for sale.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for handling sales; City of Columbia offers a 1-day Business License. Visit for more information about South Carolina sales tax.


  • No agents, dealers, or representatives may attend in place of the artist(s).
  • Work by apprentices or employees is unacceptable. Participating artists may be required to show a Photo ID upon check-in.
  • Absolutely no buy-sell or mass-produced items.
  • No merchandise such as coffee cups, notecards, calendars, or other items mass produced from an original piece of artwork will be permitted, novelty/mass-produced jewelry, any item from a kit or products cast from commercial molds, live or dried plant material, painting on velvet, candles, country-pine furniture.
  • Artists violating Standards, will not be permitted to exhibit.
  • No commercial retail established businesses
  • All participants will have specific areas to sell creative merchandise. No one is permitted to "walk about" and solicit to attendees; Capture on the spot photos for profit, flyers promoting outside events, gigs, shows, albums to download or future activities. Those who do so will be asked to leave the festival grounds.


  • Applications open July 1
  • Application deadline: by midnight August 10
  • Notifications emailed: August 15
  • Acceptance Fees Due by: August 30
  • Notification of placement, arrival & set up times: September 30
  • Day of Festival: October 7, 2023


  • Exhibitor: $45.00
  • Pop-up gallery/Juried Show: $25.00
  • Goddess Contestants FREE, registration required